Tai Chi for Health

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Dr. Paul Lam, an internationally respected physician and tai chi gold medal

winner at the world international competition, along with his medical and tai chi

colleagues designed a special tai chi program that is safe and effective for

beginners and for people with a variety of medical conditions. Even more

importantly, when practiced regularly, it is one way to help maintain good health. 

The program is called Tai Chi for Arthritis and is also known as Tai Chi for Health or TCH for short. (It is the only tai chi form endorsed by the National Arthritis Association.) Though the program was developed for individuals who suffer from arthritis, it is a wonderful one for any individual whether seventeen or ninety.  (My oldest students are in their 90s.)  In TCH, as one constantly shifts weight with a straight spine from one leg to the other, balance, strength, and posture improve.  As arms, hands, and feet move, all the joints are lubricated and exercised, helping ease the effects of arthritis, stiffness, and general aging aliments.  Flexibility is improved. Many find that the slow and gentle outward movements reduce stress.  Also, students challenge their minds as they learn the moves. It is a perfect exercise for the total body. There is also a great sociability factor. 

about bob

Tai chi for Arthritis & health

in Yang 24, Sun 73, Push Hands, Silk Reeling, and Qigong. He enjoys working with people of all ages. He conducts workshops in area businesses with a focus on wellness and stress reduction as well as doing presentations for interested clubs and groups. His many other interests include writing (author of nine books), poetry, travel, yoga, photography, and reading. He currently resides in Midway, UT.

Practicing in Waihou Spring Forest Reserve, Maui

Bob has studied tai chi, originally  with the Yang Form, since 1996. In the fall of 2008, he discovered Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA), the form on which Tai Chi for Health (TCH) is based. He pursued instructor certification in Dr. Lam's organization and the American Arthritis Association. Since then, he has attended week-long and weekend workshops held by Dr. Lam and his Master trainers. He is also certified in Seated TCH and Tai Chi for  Rehabilitation. He received his Senior Rank in October, 2016.  He has also additionally trained


Tai chi on Makena, Maui